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Mauritius, your gateway to business expansion

The country’s attractiveness as a preferred destination for investment rests on a few core tenets. Quality of life, political and social stability and a dynamic and growing economy across a variety of sectors including finance, property, tourism, trade and communication. This high demand destination is a preferred choice for many forward thinking businesses. It is also a

Popular emigration destination for South Africans

Mauritius provides a convenient location for facilitating business and investments into Africa and Asia. As a jurisdiction, it offers political stability, an educated and multilingual workforce, a hybrid and modern legal system and the absence of exchange controls. With income tax capped at 15% and land transfer tax at 5%, Mauritius is a very tax-efficient destination for South Africans. Zero inheritance and capital gains tax only adds to the appeal for those weighing up the benefits of long-term investments like property.

Next to the French, the second-largest number of foreign investors in Mauritius are South Africans. It provides full protection of foreign investments through its legal framework and network of Investment Promotion Protection Agreements (IPPAs), while its OECD whitelist status confirms Mauritius is a country that adheres to international standards when it comes to tax matters.

Mauritius is among the top 20 countries in the world for ease of doing business and has a leadership position in Sub Saharan Africa.  This acknowledgement by the World Bank confirms that Mauritius remains a competitive and attractive jurisdiction for the international investor community. To further streamline processes and facilitate ease of doing business, Mauritius has a sophisticated, transparent and well-regulated international financial center with a conducive ecosystem offering a complete range of financial products. These include treasury management centers, global funds, protected cell companies, captives, family offices and trusts. To incentivize new activities, the Government has introduced tax holidays for setting up regional headquarters, investment banking, and fund management, amongst others.

  • Investor Permit lowered to USD $ 50,000 instead of USD $ 100,000
  • Property purchase minimum at USD $ 375,000 instead of USD $ 500,000 in approved property schemes that give an automatic right to live and work in Mauritius
  • Tax Holiday in Mauritius at various threshold investments

CHELETE GLOBAL is a fully registered business in Mauritius. Our office is located Suite 602, 6th Floor Hennessy Tower, Pope Hennessy Street, Port Louis, Republic of Mauritius.

CHELETE GLOBAL with our Partners BLUE AZURITE LIMITED and TWZ LAW LIMITED, are fully equipped to assist you with –

  • Choosing the right structure for your business expansion
  • Selecting the company name and registering it
  • Registering a business and Incorporating a company
  • Starting the business activities
  • Opening a bank account
  • Enabling required legislations

Global expansion is the term du jour and a number of South African and Sub-Sahara businesses are taking their operations into lucrative overseas markets. These businesses are looking to reach the next level of growth and you can do this by establishing a presence in countries across the globe. Covid has taught us that businesses need to be agile. Markets change and consumer demand shifts. Business looking to grow should have an offshore arm and/or be looking to expand globally. This presents its own unique challenges and opportunities which differ from one company to the next. Our team of experts are here to assist you in evaluating your options and to support you in your quest for global growth. Let CHELETE GLOBAL be your guide in navigating your way into foreign waters.

Global Citizenship

There are a number of CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT PROGRAM available, different options and different benefits.

There is no perfect program, each one is different with various pros and cons, and it is important to understand what your goals are before making a decision. Every family is unique and as such has unique requirements.

CHELETE GLOBAL and our partner LIO GLOBAL – a boutique consultancy with extensive experience in residency and CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT PROGRAM – specialize predominantly in the Caribbean, we are able to assist with details and information on any other residency programs available

Over the last months, COVID-19 has changed the global travel landscape and now more than ever, people are realizing the power, security and peace of mind a second citizenship can offer.

DOMINICA Voted as the No 1 CBI program, Dominica is the cheapest option for a single applicant, Visa-free travel access: 143 incl. Schengen and UK, Passport Ranking: 34th, Time to citizenship: 3-4 months

MALTA most attractive EU Citizenship program, recently relaunched. Freedom to live, work and study anywhere in the EU, however very expensive, Visa-free travel access: 184 Visa-free travel access, Passport Ranking: 8th, Time to citizenship: 15 or 36 months, depending which option is chosen.

GRENADA most popular program in SA in 2020, due to cost and access to the USA. Visa-free travel access: 144 incl. Schengen, China and UK, Passport Ranking: 33rd
Time to citizenship: 4-6 months. The E-2 visa treaty with the USA offers a backup plan which is attractive for many South Africans since it allows you to set up a business and reside in the US, should you want to.

VANUATA, fastest citizenship program Visa-free travel access: 130 incl. Schengen
Passport Ranking: 41st, Time to citizenship: 2 months

Should you require further information on any of the programs contact CHELETE GLOBAL for more information?

Global Taxation & Financial Management

Whether you are planning to expand your business in another country, or are looking to minimize the risks and the costs in your currently established international offices, you need a strong international tax planning strategy.

International tax matters imply that you and your business must ensure an overall view on local, regional and international tax and tax-related legal requirements that may apply to your business. CHELETE GLOBAL provides international tax consulting in specific areas such as:

  • Development of tax-efficient structures
  • Cash repatriation techniques
  • Holding company location
  • Tax-effective financing
  • Tax rules

As businesses aim for global growth, cross-border employment becomes an essential part of internal agenda in most companies. However, global mobility is a complex topic that is deeply rooted in the areas of taxation and payroll, where local specifics and international frameworks are equally important aspects.

By efficiently delivering a full-range accounting service, we aim to shift the focus of your global financial teams towards more strategic tasks. Our services and solutions will help you to improve quality, accuracy and timeliness of your accounting and increase transparency by enhancing reporting capabilities across the whole company. Our services can be provided fully online – and thus ensure the continuity of your critical administration functions and safeguard your compliance in all circumstances.